Comfortable Shoes To Wear After Foot Surgery [2022 Reviews]


Comfortable Shoes To Wear After Foot Surgery [Reviewed]

We don’t have to tell you that foot surgery can be painful. It doesn’t matter if you have just had a bunion removed or are still recovering from another corrective procedure.

It’s highly recommended that you purchase shoes that are comfortable and can help with your recovery. This guide will provide some guidelines and information about what shoes are best for patients who have had foot surgery. We’ll also take a look at seven of the best shoes for post-surgery that are currently available.

Comfortable Shoes To Wear After Foot Surgery

Continue reading to find the right pair of shoes for you after surgery!

Comfortable Shoes To Wear After Foot Surgery and Ankle Surgery [Best Picks]:

The 5 Best Walking Shoes To Wear After Foot Surgery:

1. RYKA Women’s Sky

This shoe is made from a mix of leather and mesh materials. It offers durability and ventilation, which will keep you cool while running.

Although leather is not the predominant material, it helps reduce weight. However, the leather provides some support in the most crucial areas.

TPU is used in the shank to increase stability. The shoe also has a memory foam liner that protects against any abrasions.

EVA is used on the inside of your midsole. This will allow the shoe to retain its shape even if it’s worn often. It’s a great choice for pronation and supination.

The shoe’s versatility makes it a great choice for helping you to heal from injuries or recovering from them. It also has a comfortable outer sole that absorbs some shocks.

This shoe would be a great option for me to recover from an injury or take the pain off my feet if I have supination or pronation.

Although it may not be the most expensive shoe, it’s perfect for those who need support and durability. If you take care of it, the shoe will last many years. The shoe is available in a stylish and striking design that will complement any woman’s outfit.

2. New Balance 928v3

The New Balance 928v3 Walking Shoe has many features. It is lightweight and made from a mixture of mesh and synthetic materials.

Its design is simple and can be worn with almost any clothing. ROLLBAR technology, which is unique to the shoes, is new. This technology will ease the transition between steps.

A compression-molded EVA midsole is included on the inside of this shoe. This has been made under high pressure. EVA molds to your feet, making them more comfortable than standard cushioning made of PU. These shoes have a durable outsole and are priced to be affordable.

New Balance is a world leader in sports footwear, and these shoes are a testament to that. These shoes are stylish and comfortable. The technology makes them even more attractive. They are great for walking in urban areas and for any serious injuries.

These shoes are a huge advantage and will allow you to walk or injure less. The outer sole is highly durable and won’t let you to walk through it if you’re pronating or supinating. These shoes are ideal for those with severe foot problems.

3. Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2

Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 is made from full-grain leather. It has the same shape as an excellent walking shoe.

These comfortable shoes have a sole that is durable and won’t crack under pressure. The footbed is made of PU, which provides good grid cushioning and excellent traction.

The design and practicality of the shoes are the main reasons I would consider purchasing them. Although they don’t have the most distinctive features, the shoes are very affordable and will provide you with the essentials. These shoes are stylish and durable.

This is one of my favorite investments. These comfortable shoes are great for recovering from injuries or surgeries and making it easier to walk comfortably every day. These shoes are also durable, which is why I recommend them.

4. New Balance MW577

We return to New Balance with another high-quality shoe, the New Balance MW577 walking shoe. Similar to the previous shoe, this shoe features state-of-the-art technology and is made mainly from leather. This shoe is very supportive, thanks to a large amount of leather.

This shoe is distinguished by ABZORB technology. Thanks to this technology, the shoes can absorb some of your walking shocks. Reflective detailing has also been added, which allows you to walk even at night when roads are quieter.

These shoes are of high quality, and I love the extra support. These shoes are great for anyone who is recovering from an injury or surgery. Even if New Balance doesn’t appeal to you initially, you will be tempted by their other features once you have tried them.

There isn’t much to be said except that you should test them out and make your own decision. They lasted me miles before showing any signs of weakness, deterioration, or wear. This also means I had to put them through some very tough conditions. They are also generally very affordable.

5. Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes were made for avid walkers. They are also made from durable leather materials. The leather is a bit softer than usual, which adds to its overall comfort. The synthetic outer sole is thicker than normal, which absorbs impact and adds to overall durability.

Brooks is a well-known brand for making great walking shoes. This is what made me believe in the Brooks shoe. These shoes are the perfect choice for people with foot injuries. They have subtle technological advancements and excellent shock absorption.

Brooks shoes aren’t costly, as I have had the opportunity to try many of them. They are very affordable and will not be influenced by their reputation. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes is an excellent option for a budget.

Top 5 Best Running Shoes To Wear After Foot Surgery:

1. ASICS Gel-Venture 6

The ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe has a unique design and is very stylish. Although synthetic materials are common, this shoe is distinctive and will make you stand out when running.

The gel is a feature that you will notice, and it absorbs some of the shocks you may experience. This shoe’s gel will withstand the shocks that running can cause to your feet.

ASICS has patented the AHAR outer sole. This will reduce any problems with durability. It can also provide excellent traction and be used in both wet and dry weather conditions, if necessary.

I love a good running shoe. It can be challenging to find one that is stylish and stylish. ASICS is a great brand. I would recommend these shoes to runners as my last pair lasted for almost three years before they started to wear out.

This shoe is an excellent value for money. This shoe is built to last and will never break you. It also features ASICS’ unique technology, which I recommend to anyone who wants to run faster and recover from painful injuries.

2. Brooks Ghost 10

Brooks Ghost 10 Neutral Cushioned Running Shoe may be considered an underrated shoe for runners. The shoe has the same design as the ASICS running shoe. This shoe is made mostly of fabrics and has great durability.

Brooks is a budget-friendly brand that many people don’t know about. However, they are making a name and getting more people to know them. They are very affordable, which will make them a better choice than the other shoes on this list. These shoes also share some of the same features that the best running shoes.

These shoes are a great value and a great deal if you’re looking for a great shoe. These shoes are durable and affordable. The shoe’s ability to absorb shock is one of the reasons I chose it for people with serious injuries. This shoe is cheap and an excellent choice for beginners and runners.

3. New Balance M1540V2

Next, I came across the New Balance M1540V2 running shoe. This shoe is considered the best in New Balance shoes due to the technology that they use.

This shoe is made of lightweight synthetic materials and provides runners with that feel-less running experience that they love.

The shoe’s insert is made of polyurethane. A dual-density foam collar can reduce the chance of you getting injured while you work out. Roll Bars make it easier and more comfortable to transition between each step.

This shoe is highly recommended by me and elite runners around the globe who have worn it. It is durable and versatile.

Although the shoe is more expensive than some other brands, it is still affordable, and you won’t be disappointed.

The New Balance Men’s Running Shoe M1540V2 is the best if durability and quality are your priorities. It can also be purchased for women.

4. ASICS Gel Nimbus 18

The ASICS Gel Nimbus 18 is made from a combination of synthetic and textile materials. It’s lightweight and stylish. You will be able to stand out and heal your foot or ankle surgery in no time.

Gel has once again been used to construct the outer sole. This time, it was not only placed in the forefoot but also in the backend. Flat-footed people are welcome to wear the shoe because the mesh can be stretched to your preference for a more comfortable fit.

It has a glove-like fit and doesn’t require any break-in. The shoe also absorbs shock very quickly, which enhances the overall fit. The shoe’s design is very distinctive, and many people love to stand out.

This shoe is an excellent choice for users, and it tends to be quite affordable considering the key features. This shoe is great for style and can be used as a recovery shoe. This shoe will help you get back to your fitness level quickly if you have foot problems.

5. New Balance M1340

Our last running shoe is the New Balance M1340 Optimal Control Running Shoe. This shoe was designed to give you control. The shoe is made from lightweight synthetic and mesh materials, and it’s easy to wear.

The new lug pattern on the outer sole gives it a great grip. The ABZORB technology will reduce the impact of running shocks. If you have suffered any injuries, the PU insert can be easily removed. We recommend that you replace it with an EVA foam insert.

You can rest assured that all control will be returned to you via the control feature. The shoe is very durable and unique. It is an excellent shoe for running and also has many other functions.

Overall, the shoe is a good investment. If you are willing to overlook the high price, you will get great value over the long term. This shoe is for the serious runner who wants to stand out on the roads. It’s also made by one of the most respected brands in the business.

Top 5 Best Work Shoes To Wear After Foot Surgery:

1. Propet Men’s Vista

The Propet Men’s Vista Strap Shoe, which can be worn for both work and recovery from injuries, is a bit different than running shoes or sports shoes. This shoe is made from full-grain leather and has a durable outer sole. It also features a synthetic outsole that provides shock absorption and cushioning.

This shoe is a diabetic shoe and is made for people who have severe foot problems. The inner lining of the shoe is also designed to alleviate some of the pain. The PU cushioning allows you to save money while still providing good comfort.

Slip-on is a unique feature you won’t see very often in high-quality shoes. You will also notice if you have to take the shoes off from time to time. The strap can be easily adjusted, which will allow for excellent functionality. These features make these shoes great.

The shoes are very affordable considering the design and the many features. These shoes will reduce pain, and they are ideal for people with diabetes. I recommend them to anyone who has a foot or work-related problems.

2. Orthofeet Avery Island Men’s

This Shoe is designed in the style of a formal shoe. It’s made for people with painful feet. The sole is made from full-grain premium leather and synthetic materials. This provides more cushioning.

The patented Ortho-Cushion technology uses air cushioning to provide extra comfort while walking. It provides good arch support, which should help keep your feet more stable.

The shoes are made for people with severe foot problems. If you are in real pain, this is an option you should consider. It is versatile and stylish. I’d recommend it. You will wear this Shoe for many years, regardless of your foot condition.

It’s easy to see why so many people love this Shoe, especially when considering the price. This Shoe will help you not only keep your injury from getting worse but it will also make your life easier. Not only do I recommend these shoes, but so do hundreds of doctors across the US.

3. Orthofeet Serene Women’s

The Orthofeet Serene Women’s Shoes are not designed for work. However, they have all the same features as the Orthofeet Shoe. These shoes can be worn casually and are more comfortable due to their soft design.

These shoes are versatile and can be used for both casual and professional purposes. They are great for supination and pronation and have excellent durability. They are also approved for medical use.

While these may not be the best for every job, and your boss might have some issues with the design, they are great for people in the hospitality industry who spend a lot of time on their feet. These shoes are an excellent choice for anyone who has natural foot problems.

4. Orthofeet 851 Women’s

The Orthofeet 851 Women’s Comfort Diabetic Therapy Extra Depth Shoe for Women is the female version of the original shoe. While it looks very similar, the style is a bit more feminine. It is made of the same materials and can be worn casually or for work.

These shoes are comfortable and attractive. They also make your life easier. These shoes are great for all types of foot problems. They have been certified for the purposes you may need. They are durable and versatile, as we’ve already mentioned.

These shoes are an excellent choice for women who want to get back on their feet. They can also be worn anywhere you go in your home. These shoes are great casual shoes, and maybe even work shoes, for women with foot problems.

5. Dansko Women’s Professional

The Dansko Women’s Professional Mule is the last, but not least. It’s a thick, slip-on shoe made from high-quality leather materials. This shoe has a polyurethane sole, which is ideal for absorption of any severe impact that you may face from time to time.

We like the instep collar, which is very comfortable. This shoe is entirely resistant to abrasions, which will allow you to walk for extended periods with comfort. For your convenience, the wider heel provides more stability and support to keep you on your feet.

People will be drawn to this shoe for its stability and support. This shoe is highly comfortable and allows you to work while your injury heals. This shoe is an excellent choice because of all its healing properties and features.

These shoes are stylish, affordable, and make great work shoes. These shoes might not be the best choice for people who want something more formal. However, they are perfect for healing feet after foot or ankle surgery.

See Also:

After foot surgery, why choose specific footwear?

Foot surgery is a major medical event that can pose serious risks.

These treatments can provide long-term relief for your foot problems. They require a lengthy rehabilitation process.

Many surgeons recommend that you keep your feet off the ground for a significant period. This is because many patients have to deal with work and family obligations.

You don’t have to rest for the recommended time, so investing in the right shoes is worth investing. The best decision you can make is to choose shoes that will aid in your recovery.

You could not only slow down your recovery, but you might also have a recurring foot problem if you continue to wear conventional shoes.

What Shoes Should You Wear After Foot Surgery?

Orthopedic Shoes

People often associate the term “orthopedic shoe” with the elderly.

It is not surprising, considering that foot disorders and problems are common among seniors.

Orthopedic shoes can be customized to fit all ages.

Orthopedic shoes are best for people with poor foot mechanics or recovering from an injury or surgery. They provide support for your foot’s structure and mechanics.

The Features of Post-Op Shoes

These shoes have a few features that make them different from regular footwear. These features include:

A detachable insole

If you need a better fit, you can remove the footbed.

Some insoles can be detached to provide shock absorption and cushioning.

Additional widths and sizes are available

It offers a custom fit, which is a similar benefit as the removable footbed.

You have the option to select from many sizes and widths, increasing your chances of finding the right fit for you.

Uppers with special design

Orthopedic shoes’ uppers are designed so that users can have any forefoot problems.

Easy Fastening

Shoes for post-op patients are equipped with easy-to-use fastening systems. This is an excellent feature for people with mobility and flexibility problems.

Firm Heel

These shoes will have heels that are firm to support the back of your foot.

Athletic Shoes

You can choose any pair of decent athletic shoes if your doctor doesn’t recommend you wear one after surgery.

You can’t choose just any shoe. You want to continue your original sporting activities while also being comfortable in the shoes you select.

If you are a tennis player, you will want the best tennis shoes after your foot surgery.

It would help if you considered other factors than the sport you are involved in, such as the design of your heel and toe box.

An athletic pair should have enough space in the toe box. It is also essential to ask about the best arch type and condition for your foot.

You can check out other types here.

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing Shoes After Surgery

Here are some other things to consider when shopping for shoes after foot surgery.

Anti-Shock Technology

Anti-shock technology is a feature that we highly recommend for these shoes.

While most shoes offer some cushioning, some shoe manufacturers include anti-shock designs that reduce the chance of injury.

It’s a smart idea to search for anti-shock footwear if you are experiencing severe pain or discomfort following foot surgery.

Interior Lining

The type of interior lining material is another essential factor to consider.

The best materials should be breathable and offer adequate support and comfort.

Rocker Sole

Rocker sole shoes have a thicker outsole than traditional soles. This reduces the impact on the joints and heel, which makes it easier to recover.

Different Types of Foot Surgery:

Before you have any foot surgery, it is essential to get an evaluation. Because our feet and ankles are complex parts of the body, some conditions may require foot surgery. These conditions include:

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common problem that many people have with their feet. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that occurs when there’s inflammation in the plantar facia.

This is the tissue running from the heel to your toe. Plantar fasciitis is usually not a severe condition, but it can be treated with surgery if necessary.

The good news is that plantar fasciitis surgery is simple. After the surgery, you will need to keep your feet covered for several days.

Metatarsal Foot

When the small forefoot joints become arthritic, metatarsal foot surgery may be required. Inflammation may result in joint lining irritation, which can cause severe pain and discomfort.

This type of surgery will vary based on how severe the pain is. If the heads of the MTPJ need to be removed, metatarsal foot surgery is almost mandatory. It is also required in cases of large toe surgery.


Bunions are a condition that occurs at the base or big toe of the foot and makes it difficult to walk. Hallux valgus is the cause of bunions, which are bony lumps.

The big toe joint becomes deformed and bent towards other toes. Bunion surgery can also straighten the big and metatarsals (the five long bones at the foot).

Usually, the recovery time after bunion surgery takes around six weeks. However, you will need to wear the right shoes to protect your feet and keep them comfortable during the healing process.

Hammer Toe Foot

The surgery involves the removal of a significant portion of the toe bone. A portion of the foot bone can be removed during surgery to realign the toe. Surgery may also include fusion of the toe joints or temporary wires to keep the toe in its place.

After the procedure, you should limit your walking for at least the first few days. To ensure that your toes remain aligned, you’ll need the correct footwear.

Achilles Tendon Disorders

The Achilles tendon rupture is the most severe foot injury. Because your Achilles tendon is constantly working, wear and tear can be common, especially for those who are always on their feet.

If the Achilles tendon becomes swollen, surgery is often necessary. The person who has undergone surgery will need to be able to walk with crutches for several weeks. They also need to wear proper footwear to protect their feet.


This procedure is usually performed to relieve pain from arthritis or other conditions that affect the feet and ankles. This involves removing the cartilage from the joint and joining the bones together to prevent them from moving.

This process usually takes between two and four months to recover. It can vary depending on how many bones have been fused.

Ankle surgery

Swelling in the ankles can be caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. Although over-the-counter medications can reduce inflammation, surgery may be necessary to alleviate both pain and inflammation in some cases.

There are several options for ankle surgery, including triple fusion and ankle fusion. In severe cases, there is even an option of ankle replacement.

Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction

The tendon supporting our instep arch is the posterior tibialis. This tendon connects the tibialis and the bone. This tendon can become damaged over time, causing inflammation and pain.

Although damage to the posterior tibialis tendon is more common in athletes, it can also happen in anyone. People may need surgery if an ice pack does not relieve pain from an injury to their tibialis posterior.

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma affects nerves near the ball and toes. The condition causes tissues around the nerves of your toes to thicken more than usual. The most common symptoms are a burning sensation at the ball of your feet and toes.

This condition can be extremely painful and may require surgery to relieve the pain. This involves the removal of the nerve that is causing the pain. High-heeled people are more likely to have Morton’s Neuroma.


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FAQs [Comfortable Shoes To Wear After Foot Surgery]

What’s the purpose of a walking shoe?

A walking boot is a medical shoe that protects the ankle and foot after surgery or injury. While the boot can be a valuable part of your healing process, it may restrict your mobility. The walking boot keeps your foot stable, comfortable, and immobilized. It also reduces pressure on the surgically treated foot.

Shoes or post-op boots can replace cumbersome, outdated casts. Post-op shoes are specialized in the design, technology, and features.

They will help you get back on the road to recovery quickly.

What Shoe Should I Wear Post-Op?

Foot surgery is not a quick process. Each individual’s healing process will vary. Post-op footwear allows you to walk again and start your journey to recovery. These shoes are not just for patients who have had foot surgery. These shoes can also be used to treat foot conditions such as fractures and broken bones.

Wear a sock with your post-op footwear. You should adjust the Velcro straps to your comfort level.

What should I be looking for after foot surgery?

Your specialized post-op footwear should be taken off twice daily to check the skin. A slight reddening of the skin is not something to be concerned about. The redness lasts about fifteen minutes. A persistent reddening of the skin can be a sign that you have applied too much pressure to your feet. As needed, adjust your shoe after surgery.

Call your doctor immediately if you feel a tingling sensation, excessive itching, a change in the color of your foot, pain, or swelling. Most patients who have had foot surgery are familiar with itching as a sign that their feet are healing.

Can I drive with a boot/post-op shoe?

Never. It is illegal to drive with a boot or shoe that has been removed after surgery. For your comfort, removable casts can be removed. They should be left in place for support and healing. Driving while wearing a boot or shoe after surgery can cause you to be taken back to the hospital.

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