🥇10 Best Shoes For Swollen Feet and Ankles [Men & Women]

Best Shoes For Swollen Feet and Ankles:

Millions of people are affected by swollen feet each year. Swollen feet can cause minor to severe pains, as well as chronic problems. They need footwear that can support healing and prevent inflammation.

It is essential to choose shoes that will be comfortable for your swelling feet if you suffer from this condition. This is a serious issue that can be dangerous and should not be ignored. The situation could get worse if you choose inconcordant or lower quality products.

Best Shoes For Swollen Feet and Ankles

How can you ensure that the shoes you choose are comfortable? This article will help you find the top 10 Best Shoes For Swollen Feet and Ankles on the market. You can read the full article below. You will also find the buying guide and tips, which can help you make the product selection process easier.

Top 10 Best Shoes For Swollen Feet and Ankles [Men & Women]:

1. Old Friend Men’s Adjustable Strap Slipper

A warm pair of winter shoes is essential. It can be challenging to find warm enough shoes for swelling feet, but these shoes do the trick. It is lined with sheepskin, one of the warmest materials. If your senior wishes to add their own, you can remove the sheepskin insole.

The outside will be covered in soft suede leather. This keeps your feet well supported and insulated. The wide, soft strap can be adjusted to fit the foot as tightly as you need without making it uncomfortable or causing any damage to the skin.

There are sizes for every size, including regular, extra-wide, and wide.

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2. Open Toe Diabetic Recovery Slippers

This pair of orthopedic shoes is not expensive. They are easy to slip into and out of for any size foot. Your senior’s feet will feel cushioned every time they step on the foam-padded, seam-free interior.

Open-toe shoes allow for good circulation. These shoes are great for swollen feet in summer.

Rubber soles are non-skid and provide extra safety for loved ones. They can be machine washed, making them convenient and easy to clean.

You can choose from sizes 7-13.

3. Skechers Go Walk

While orthotic shoes can be great for walking around the house, they are not smart enough to wear to the grocery store or visit relatives. These shoes are great for both.

These shoes are available in many stylish colors and have a memory foam sole that provides comfortable cushioning, whether you’re walking around a shopping mall or lounging at home.

4. Orthofeet Mary Jane Shoes [Best Shoes For Swollen Feet and Ankles]

These shoes were designed to be extremely comfortable in every way. These Mary Janes are feminine and practical, so they would be an excellent gift for an older woman you love.

Orthofeet footwear is known to be beneficial, regardless of the reason for the swelling. These shoes are made explicitly for orthotics and can help with neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and other foot problems.

These shoes will fit all sizes of feet. They come in sizes 5-12, regular, wide, extra-wide, and double-extra large. They are lightweight, cushioned, and have a Velcro closure. Your loved one can take out the orthotic insert that is already in place and make their own.

5. Adidas Slides

I want to thank everyone who made Adidas Slides again popular. No matter how swollen your feet are, these shoes can be worn in public. These shoes are great for any occasion, from grocery shopping to doctor’s appointments.

They are another option for packing in your hospital bag, along with some fuzzy socks. These come in many colors, from classic black and white to the lovely mint.

6. UGG Women’s Slipper

These slippers can change your life. These are so soft and comfortable that you’ll want to wear them all day. They also have a rubber bottom for when you go outside. These are a must-have for pregnant women who will be staying warm in winter.

7. Target Slip-On Flexible Bottom Shoe

This camo print slip-on shoe is my favorite. Their slip-resistant rubber soles are super flexible and easy to put on, even for people with swelling feet. These would look great with leggings and long tees.

8. Sketchers Go Walk Joy

These shoes may not be the most adorable on this list, but they are a popular choice among pregnant moms. They are super flexible and will not cause any problems with your swelling feet.

These shoes are light and cushiony on the inside, making them an excellent choice if you’re going to be on your feet for a long time.

9. Crocs Women’s Busy Day Stretch Asymmetrical Wedge

These Crocs are perfect for working mamas. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds with the footbed. They can be used for standing or walking, and will do the job well. The shoe’s top is similar to yoga pants material.

10. Propét Cush N Foot Slipper [best shoes for elderly swollen feet]

An elderly friend or relative will appreciate these slippers. These slippers are designed to support and be comfortable for the feet. They are ideal for those with swollen feet who need extra care.

The upper is made of stretchable corduroy, which is gentle on the feet. The Velcro strap opens to reveal a large area that is easy to reach with your foot.

After the feet have been closed in, the shock-absorbing foam middle sole will cushion them. These shoes have removable insoles. If your senior loved one has an orthotic, they can slip it into the shoes for immediate comfort.

The wide range of sizes these shoes are available gets them a huge thumbs up. These shoes are sizes 7-16, in extra-wide, wide, extra-wide, double-extra wide, and sometimes 3X-wide.

You can also get them in five different colors so that your senior loved one will find the right fit.

These shoes are Medicare-approved, which is the biggest benefit. Your loved one should have coverage if they can get a prescription from a doctor.

How To Choose Best Shoes for Swollen Feet and Ankles?

1. Shoes with a wider toe box are recommended

A wide and deep toe-box is essential for shoes that are best for swelling feet. The toe-box, which is located at the front of the shoe, tends to be the largest part of your foot. It is crucial to allow your feet plenty of space when they swell.

Your feet can cramp if your shoes don’t have a large toe-box. This could lead to other foot problems such as bunions and hammertoes.

2. Shoes that allow for breathability are recommended

Soft, breathable fabrics are the best for swelling feet. We recommend leather shoes with a wide fit. Leather is durable, breathable, flexible, and soft.

Leather shoes are better than synthetic materials for swollen feet when the weather is hotter than usual. Leather shoes are the best choice for women with other foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, and complicated joints. They rub less and are less likely to cause blisters.

When shopping for shoes to treat swollen feet, ensure you choose leather shoes that will keep your feet cool while also reducing swelling.

3. Wide-fit shoes with plenty of padding are recommended

Shoes for swollen feet should have padding to provide the necessary comfort and support.

Shoes with soft, cushioned soles that also absorb shock should be considered. These shoes will protect your feet from injury when you walk on hard surfaces.

What causes swelling of the feet and ankles?

Many things can cause edema (or swelling of the feet). This problem can be worsened in seniors who are less active because the vessels and muscles of the feet don’t get stimulated as well.

It is a good idea for your loved one to investigate the causes of their edema. It’s great if it can be fixed quickly. There are still ways to make your feet feel better, including introducing them to the best footwear for swelling feet.

Here are the top causes of swelling feet in seniors:


Dehydration can be caused by seniors forgetting to drink throughout the day. The body can retain water due to gravity, which is often found in the feet.

Bad Circulation

As we age, our heart pump becomes less efficient, and our veins can less push blood up to the heart. This can lead to swelling and blood pooling in the feet and lower legs.


Edema can be caused by some medications that cause water retention or worsening of circulation. It’s a good idea for seniors to be aware of the possible side effects of any medication they are taking.


Inflammation in the area can cause swelling. This could be the reason your elderly relative has broken their foot or turned an ankle recently.

The swelling is usually accompanied by redness, pain, and a feeling of warmth to the affected area. It’s a good idea for elderly people to visit a doctor if they have injured themselves.


Swelling in the ankles and feet can be caused by certain medical conditions. A doctor may be able to help you if you suspect any of these conditions.

How can you reduce swelling in your feet?

The best shoes for edema can be purchased, but elderly people with swelling feet may also benefit from additional measures to get their feet back to normal.

These are ways to reduce swelling and pain in the feet, which seniors can do while still wearing the most comfortable shoes for swollen feet.

Elevate your Legs

To prevent blood from pooling in the lower extremities, elevate your legs so that they are at least a foot above your heart. For best results, you should do this while lying down.

Compression socks

Compression socks are made in a way to stimulate circulation through subtle squeezing. However, they can be hard to put on. This article will help you to make it easy for your family member.

Keep Active

Foot and ankle swelling can be reduced by keeping your muscles active and blood flowing. You don’t need to do anything extraordinary – even something as simple and straightforward as gardening can help your body get moving.

Here are some simple exercises seniors can do to maintain their strength, even if they don’t have a yard.

Keep hydrated

Senior citizens tend to drink less water throughout the day. It could be that their thirst sense doesn’t tell when they need water anymore or don’t want the morning to come.

Because the body doesn’t feel deprived, it is better to keep them well-watered throughout the day.

Take into consideration a medication change

Talk to your doctor if you suspect that your loved one’s medication may be causing their feet to swell.

Foot soak

A foot soak can be used to relieve foot pain and edema. It’s possible to do it yourself, so they can enjoy it as often as they want!

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