What Is Average Shoe Size for Women? US and Other Countries

Average Shoe Size for Women:

According to some sources, the average shoe size for women is between 8.5-9. However, most reliable sources say that it’s closer to 8.5.

However, size can change depending on age, pregnancy, and menopause. Your feet will get bigger throughout your lifetime, so keep an eye out for this.

Feet are the foundation of body, so it is essential to ensure healthy feet. This means knowing your foot size and regularly measuring your feet.

What Is Average Shoe Size for Women

Average US Women’s Shoe Size:

It turns out that American girls are a bit larger in shoe sizes, with an average of 8.5 to 9. This is an increase from the average of 7.5 in the past few decades.

Non-Americans may find it interesting that US shoe sizes can be divided into different sizes. It might surprise some Americans to find out that Europeans have a different shoe sizing system.

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What’s the average shoe size for women worldwide?

While there are many sizing systems worldwide, we will stick with the US equivalent for simplicity. To this end, the average shoe size for women in the US is between 7 and 8.

This conclusion can be reached by looking at the most popular and well-stocked shoe sizes. Noting that some people have bigger or smaller feet than others, the shoe size scales with height.

This means that the higher you are, the more likely your feet will be larger. This is why the Average Shoe Size for Women correlates with the average height of women around the world. In case you were curious, the average shoe size is 5’9″.

What’s the average shoe size for women in Europe?

We have already mentioned that the Europeans use a unisex size system. This means that both men’s and women’s shoes can be measured from the same standard. They do have a separate system to accommodate children’s shoes.

The European shoe size system starts at 2 US. This translates to 32 in European sizes. The average shoe size for European women is the same as that of American ladies, despite the differences in sizing. European women have an average shoe size of 9, just like Americans.

Women’s Shoe Size Chart:

Foot length (approximate)8.75"9"9.25"9.375"9.5"9.75"9.875"10"10.2"10.35"10.5"
EU36 - 373737 - 383838 - 393939 - 404040 - 414141 - 42

Average Shoe Size for Women According to Height:

Height4ft 9" to 5ft 3"5ft 4" to 5ft 7"5ft 8" to 9ft and up
Age20 and up20 and up20 and up
Shoe size5 to 8.56.5 to 109 to 15

Why are Feet Growing Bigger?

Perhaps you have noticed that US shoe sizes are now about a full size larger than they were a few decades back. This applies to both men and women and indicates an increase in obesity.

Although it may seem like a small number, this is a significant increase in a body part. It can be attributed to unhealthy eating and lack of exercise.

Obesity has been on the rise worldwide. This has had a knock-on effect upon the average size of our feet, especially the width, as our bodies adjust to these changes. It can also cause painful conditions, as women try to force bigger feet into shoes that don’t grow with them.

This is due to a fashion industry that may not always be in the best interest of its clients. These changes are obvious, regardless of how you view them. On average, women’s feet are getting bigger.

Factors impact the size of your shoes


Gravity has a devastating effect on all things. This is why skin sags and features drop.

It’s worse when there is pressure on the object and gravity. This is exactly what happens to your feet.

If you walk the same amount as the average person until age 80, you will have walked approximately 110,000 miles. This is well over 216,000,000 steps.

Walking is just like driving. Their width and length are increased by the combined pressure of the natural gravity and aging flattened foot padding.

This can cause your shoes to become a bit tighter, so you might need to size up.


Menopause is a fact of life. The body stops producing estrogen, and this has a wide-ranging impact on many bodily functions.

Menopause can cause lower bone density, which can lead to osteoporosis. It all depends on how many bones are lost.

Osteoporosis can be treated, including hormone-replacement therapy. This will help to maintain your bones and regulate your hormones. If left untreated, osteoporosis may have a negative impact on your feet.

Your bones will fracture more easily if they are weaker due to osteoporosis. These bones can shift in extreme cases to new positions, even within your feet. This can affect your shoe size. You’ll likely need to size up to accommodate any shifting bones.

You won’t reach this stage in the best-case scenario, and osteoporosis will be detected early. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience symptoms related to low bone density.


It is common for foot swelling to occur during pregnancy. Relaxin, a hormone that is produced during pregnancy, can cause your feet to become soft and malleable.

You may also notice your arches falling during pregnancy. This happens because of the extra pressure that your increased weight puts on your feet. This may cause your feet to flatten out, which can increase their length and width.

Almost always, your arches will rise after birth. Insoles may be necessary for flat feet if they don’t increase again after birth.

It is not guaranteed that these problems will happen, but it is possible to reverse them post-partum. Sometimes, pregnancy can cause lasting changes to your foot size and structure.

This could explain why women are more likely to develop arthritis in their feet and legs. Experts can’t prove it.

What’s the average shoe size for a 5’1″ tall woman?

As we mentioned, there is a direct correlation between height and shoe size. Also, we said that women are of an average height of 5’9”. As such, women 5’1′” tall or less have a smaller average shoe size than all other women.

This average shoe size for women of this height is between 6.5 to 8 in the shoe department. It’s in line with the global average but lower than the US average.

What’s the average shoe size for a 5’5″ tall woman?

According to the trend, women in the 5’5′” height range have an average shoe size of 7 to 8.5, which is about half the size of 5’1 women”.

What’s the average shoe size for a 6′ tall woman?

Given that the difference in shoe sizes between women 5’1” and 5’5’s is only half of shoe size, it might be reasonable to expect women 6 feet taller to have a half-inch larger shoe size. Maybe a little more. This is because women of this height tend to have a larger shoe size, ranging from 10 to 10.5.

How to measure your foot correctly?

Best Foot Measuring Products:

It’s not easy to measure your feet without a Brannock device, a standard tool for measuring the feet. It isn’t practical to spend money on such a device more than once a year. Let’s now talk about how to measure your feet without one. You will need some paper, something to draw on, and a ruler.

You will find it easier to have another pair of hands around to assist you. After you have all your tools, place one of the pieces on the ground and then stand on the other. The second piece of paper will be for your other foot. Next, trace your foot using a pencil or pen.

This is where you may need to have a friend help. After you have a good idea of the outline of your feet, measure the width of the largest part of your foot. This will usually be the ball of the foot. Next, measure the length of your foot.

This measurement may vary depending on your individual, but it will be between the heel and the tip of the big toe.

After you have taken your measurements, compare them with a size chart such as this one. You might check your measurements against a comparable width chart if you have feet that are wider than average.

How to Select the Right Shoe Size for Shopping Online?

First, you need to know your shoe size. As we have described in the previous section, you can measure your feet or visit a shoe shop to get measured. You can also use your current shoes as a guide. You don’t have to be comfortable in size 8 shoes if you can wear them comfortably.

Next, do your research about the shoes you want to purchase. Although shoe sizes are generally the same (within their region), different shoes fit differently. Online shopping means that you cannot try on the shoes to determine how they fit.

You will have to look at user reviews to find out what other people think about them. Wide and narrow fittings are two of the most common problems with online shopping for shoes. You can be gentle with your shoes until you feel comfortable. If they aren’t damaged, you can send them back.

Most FAQs [Average Shoe Size for Women]

What is the most common size for female feet?

Based on the above data, the 9 is the most popular size for female feet in the US. Based on small surveys and anecdotes, the most popular size is 8.5. No better evidence supports this claim.

Are Size 7 Shoes Too Big for Girls?

A size 7 isn’t too big for a girl unless she’s very petite. It is the smallest size in the range and the most popular.

How old do your feet stop growing?

While many feet stop growing in their teens, it is common for them to continue growing into their 21st year. Some feet continue to grow into their 20s. It would help if you kept your feet measured regularly because feet can change with life circumstances and age.

What’s considered a small shoe size for a woman?

It is not known what size shoe is considered small for women, or at least for American women. However, the average shoe size is around a 7-8. This could suggest that any shoe smaller than a 6 may be considered small.

We don’t see American retailers selling anything smaller than a 6 in American stores. Consider youth sizes if your feet are smaller.

What do big feet mean for a girl?

Even though feet are growing larger every year, many women are still unhappy with their foot sizes. But, having big feet doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman isn’t capable of walking well.

It actually has some perks.

Because you cover more ground, having bigger feet can make you more adept at certain sports like swimming or soccer.

You might find it easier to find sizes in your size when shopping. Shoes that are larger than 7 inches rarely sell as fast as shoes that are 7. You can also find a lot of styles online in larger sizes.

Are Size 11 Shoes Too Big for Girls?

A size 11 was once a large shoe size for women. This size is more common because of modern-day women’s feet.

However, many manufacturers still consider size 11 too large for women. Some stores may not stock this size.

Final Thought [Average Shoe Size for Women]

Average Shoe Size for Women is 8.5. Sizes 7-9 are more common, but this is not based on any official study.

Women’s feet are constantly changing throughout their lives. With that change comes a different shoe size. It isn’t easy to find the average size or most common shoe.

To ensure the best fitting shoes, be aware of your foot size. For more shoe size tips and tricks, visit our website.

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